HUNING PALLETS CO. is one of the leading warehouse equipment distributors in Hong Kong, selling Pallets, Plastic Containers, Carts, Mesh Pallets and Frames, Insulated Boxes and Storage Systems. We design the packing pallets, containers and carton boxes to serve for the purpose of using the same packing from the process of shipping to display. The storage systems with optimal use of available space go with the efficient logistic systems.

The storage systems include Modular Shelving and Racking, Steel Platform, Vertical Carousel, Manual/Electrical Mobile Filing Cabinet and Conveyor System. Flooring and outdoor paints are newly included in our service and product lines.

Huning Pallets is experienced in handling containers for automative storage and conveyor systems. Heavy duty containers with loading up to 70 kg are available from Huning Pallets.

Our expertise and high quality products can greatly improve the environment and efficiency of your daily operations.